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The Sorting Hat
A place to come and introduce yourself to the Forum and give a little bit of information on yourself.
This is where you can come and register for Gryffindor
Come to register for a house and be accepted or declined.
Where all OOC forum announcements will be held.
This is where you can come register for the House of Slytherin.
This is where your knowledge will be needed to register for the House Ravenclaw.
This is where you will register for Noble House Hufflepuff.
Fan Fiction
This is a forum dedicated to stories written by our members or are in the process of being written.
Weasley's Wizarding Wheezies
This is a forum dedicated to the fan art of Harry Potter and our members on this site.
Character Biographies
This is where you will create a biography for your Role Playing Character.
Upcoming Role Plays
Could be known as the Briefing Room, this is where ALL members will be updated on RPs that are coming up.
The Great Hall
Harry Potter Book Discussion
This is an Out of Character Discussion Arena where we will discuss Harry Potter 1-7 (Books)
The Sorceror's Stone
All about the First Harry Potter Book.
The Chamber of Secrets
All about the second book in the seven book series.
The Prisoner of Azkaban
All about book three of seven
The Goblet of Fire
All about book four of seven
The Order of the Phoenix
All about book five of seven
The Half Blood Prince
All about book six of seven
The Deathly Hallows
All about the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series :'(
Harry Potter Movie Discussion
This is a place to discuss the five movies out so far and what you liked and disliked.
General Discussion
Talk about other books, movies, games, or anything else here.
The Magic World
All RPs involving the Ministry of Magic, or any other part of London, such as Diagon Alley, Knocturn Alley, and more.
For all RPs involving Hogwarts or places near it, such as the Hogwarts Express, Hogsmeade, or the Forbidden Forest.
The Magic War
The Neo-Death Eaters have launched an attack on the entire world! Now it is time for YOU to chose your side, and do your part!
General Role Plays
This is the area for General Role Plays that will not effect the war and give you something to do while you wait.
Duelling Ring
Here you can challenge anyone to a Non-Canon duel.
Defense Against the Dark Arts
This is where you will gain knowledge of Defense Against the Dark Arts.
This is where you will gain knowledge regarding Charms.
This is where you will learn to create and use potions.
This is where you will use magic to transform everything and anything.
Other Classes
This is the forum for any other class that you may take at Hogwarts, such as Herbology, Muggle Studies, and so on.
This is where the offices of your Head of Houses, Teachers, and the Headmaster will be.
Ministry of Magic
Ministry of Magic
The various Ministries situated within the Ministry of Magic can deal here with public questions pertaining to their various positions.
The Everrealms
This is where threads go to die, never to be revived...
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