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An Unquenchable Love

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Acturus Sileva
Dark Lord

Joined: 18 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:25 am    Post subject: An Unquenchable Love  Reply with quote

(My friend on the spur of the moment asked me to write this story. Whilst it is not complete - nor will it probably ever be completed, I thought I'd show probably my best attempt at writing Harry Potter - I did actually find it incredibly hard, as Rowling's characters are all so distinct.)

Chapter One

The golden globe that was the sun was sinking below the horizon, slowly drenching Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. Dinner in the hall had finished, and the students were in bed, as the full moon began to rise. The halls were silent, no one to be seen.
But that did not mean no one was there.
“Ouch, Prongs you trod on my foot!”
“Shh, you’ll wake the whole ruddy school up Padfoot!”
“Come on, quickly, its almost time. We need to get to the Shack before he turns.”
“You think I don’t know that?”
“Would you two be quiet? We may as well walk out of the school yelling and running around instead of sneaking out under your Invisibility Cloak if you two keep up that racket.”
As this strange and peculiar group of disembodied noise reached the Great Hall, and the large, oak doors creaked open, closing silently moments later, a group of boys emerged from seemingly nowhere, as if by magic, four to be precise. One, a mousy haired, nervous boy, glanced around.
“Do you think anyone saw us? We could get in a lot of trouble, Like last time.” The slightly chubby boy, Peter Pettigrew was still wary of the last time they had had to sneak out, and had had to come up with the excuse that they were trying to spy on the girl’s rooms, receiving much milder punishments than if they had told the truth, of where they were going, of what they were containing.
“Oh shut up Wormtail,” another boy, said, sighing, and moving forward, stuffing the silky cloak that had concealed them into a small bag he was carrying. The boy, tall and handsome, had messy black hair that carried down almost to his shoulders, and crooked glasses on his face.
“Prongs, I can feel the changes coming, we need to move,” another boy, almost bent double in agony said, to the tall boy.
“Right, lets be off then,” Prongs said, as the four began to jog swiftly across the grounds, cloaked in darkness, invisible to anyone – unlikely as it was – watching from the school.
Peter Pettigrew quickly transformed into his customary rat shape, the animal that had given him the nickname Wormtail amongst the group. He scampered across the slightly wet ground, amongst the swinging branches of the tree that had received the nickname Whomping Willow by the other students, and it froze suddenly as he tapped a root with his paw.
“Come on,” James Potter, known as Prongs amongst his friends, hissed, and he and Padfoot, also known as Sirius Black half carried half dragged Remus Lupin, otherwise known as Moony down the passage contained beneath the tree.
As the four friends, the four Maurauderers, crept down the passage, they did not know, however, that another had indeed spotted the four, had been attracted by the loud noises in the halls of Hogwarts, and had left his bed in order to reveal James Potter for what he truly was, a liar, a cheat, and a filthy, pathetic, good for nothing piece of scum. Lily would be his. Why couldn’t he leave them be, and let him, Severus Snape, finally have his one true love? Potter and his friends merely had to glance at a girl to get her on their beds legs spread, but he was ridiculed, and laughed at by girls. Teased for his greasy hair and hooked nose, Snape had been forced to turn to the one group who would accept him: Malfoy and his gang of Death Eater-wannabes.
At first he had thought their views outrageous. After all, Lily was one of the mudbloods that they so despised. Born to muggles, she was ostracised by much of the school, only accepted by her own house, though Snape suspected the main reason was her Head Girl status. Ever since Voldemort’s rise to power, people claiming to be tolerant had suddenly looked suspiciously at any who were not pure and clean.
But now, now Snape didn’t know what to think. Lucious Malfoy always seemed to have such a compelling argument. And the fact that they too hated Potter and his henchmen compelled him to support them more and more. In fact, he was starting to believe what they said. Mudbloods truly were bringing down the wizarding world. Of course, not in the way they said. Lily would never do anything to harm him, or anyone else. But what she was doing unconsciously, was feeding Voldemort and his followers hatred. Because of mudbloods, Voldemort was attacking and killing wizards. Well, it would stop. But first, Snape needed to uncover what Potter’s gang was doing every month at the full moon. He suspected... but no, he needed to be sure.
As soon as he was certain they had worked their way far enough down the passage for him to follow, Snape crept into the passage, hearing the faint scratching of their movement far ahead of him. The passage was low and hard to pass through, the ceiling low, and obviously built for someone far smaller than he. Ever since his most recent and, probably, final growth spurt over the summer, Snape now stood towering over even other seventh years, despite having always been a runt in earlier years.
Reaching the end of the passage, he heard curious noises. Roars, slashes, as if claws were sinking into cushions or cloth, tearing them to shreds. Peeking his head up from the passage he witnessed a fearsome sight. A large, black dog, and a stag were standing watching as a wolf barrelled around the room. The two occasionally rammed into the wolf, keeping him from escaping. Snape scrambled to his feet.
“I knew it!” He screamed, “Loopy Lupin is a werewolf! I always suspected but now I know. And you’re all unregistered anim-”
However he couldn’t finish his sentence as the dog barrelled into him, knocking him to the ground as the wolf spun around, yelping as the stag leapt upon it, pinning it to the ground. Suddenly, there was no dog on him, but a boy, Black.
“Go you fool! Hurry!” Black said, gritting his teeth as he turned to make sure the wolf hadn’t broken free. “James, make sure Lupin stays here, Peter, help Snape back to the Castle, quickly!”
As Snape turned to flee, the podgy boy Peter ran to help him. Snape had never understood how this social outcast had ended up in the company of the most popular boys in the school, and he was secretly jealous.
“No!” Shouted Black, as a cacophony of yelping and snarling began. Black had obviously changed back. That was bad. It meant Loopy was free. Snape hastened down the tunnel, but felt the hot breath on his heels that he knew belonged to the wolf. Turning, he raised his wand, but before he could open his mouth, a jet of red sparks hit the wolf, and it slumped to the ground. Behind it, Potter was creeping through the tunnel.
“Run Snape, run for your life!” He called. Snape, needing no further encouragement, turned and crawled as fast as he could up the tunnel. When he reached the end, he sat heavily on the ground, panting heavily, realising in a sudden moment of clarity how unfit he was, and how stupid he’d been to think that, if he’d been right, which he had been, he was crawling towards a werewolf and potential death.

* * *

“I was right Lily, Loopy Lupin is a werewolf!” Sev said, walking besides Lily through the grounds of Hogwarts after classes the following day, gesturing wildly with his hands, as if re-enacting a great struggle.
“I wish you wouldn’t call him that Sev. Of the four he’s the only one I have the slightest respect for,” Lily murmured, glancing over her shoulder, and groaning inwardly. As if the day couldn’t get any better.
“You should have seen your face Sniverus! Oh look, a werewolf!” James Potter, an arrogant smirk plastered over his face said, shoulder barging into Sev, knocking him almost to the ground, if Lily hadn’t caught him. He mimicked a shriek that was apparently attempting to resemble a similar noise he believed Sev had made the previous night.
“Leave us alone, James, or I’ll report you and Lupin to the headmaster,” Lily said, venom dripping from her words.
For a moment James looked serious, “Lily, I know you would never do that. Moony would be sent away, locked up, treated like a monster.”
For a second, a strange emotion fluttered through Lily’s heart. She felt a flicker of.... empathy? Admiration? Some strange and foreign emotion she had never felt for James before at any rate. This year, admittedly, he had been easier to cope with, for as Head Boy, they had been forced to spend a lot of time together, and in private, away from his friends, James had been almost a completely different person. Serious, and sensitive. Lily shook the thoughts from her head. What was this, was she falling for the boy who bullied his way around the school? Impossible.
“I know, but if you don’t leave Sev alone, I will,” Lily said, and Sev looked a little hurt, and hastened to intervene.
“Potter, the only reason I won’t turn you in this instant is for the fact that I’d most likely be expelled for being out late, and using the passage under the Whomping Willow. But mark my words, don’t think that because you saved me last night that I’ll lay down and take this torment any longer,” Sev said viciously, “You hide behind your friends, but I stick up for myself. You’re pathetic.”
He spat on the ground, and spun on his heel, intending to march off with his ego boosted several notches, but as he stepped forward, his foot swung on empty air. Oh god, not this. Anything but this. Sure enough, the blood rushed to his head, as James, wand raised, shook him up and down in the air, as a small crowd gathered, laughing at Snape.
“Stop it James,” Lily implored, “Please.”
A peculiar expression crossed James’ face, and, obediently, released Sev, allowing him to fall to the ground. Rubbing his sore back, Sev rose to his feet, and before he knew it, before he could think, he said the five words he regretted most in his entire life.
“You listened to a mudblood?”
A hush fell over the crowd, and James looked ready to swing a punch at Sev. Lily looked like Sev had just backhanded her, a shocked expression spilt across her face.
Sev, having intended it as an insult to James, not thinking of the consequences to Lily, looked shattered, “I mean, I, uh-”
Before he could utter a coherent sentence, however, Lily turned on her heel, tears spilling from her eyes, running back into the castle.
“Nice one Sniverus,” James sneered, “Lost your only friend. What have you got up there in that head of yours, the cheese Wormtail lost last week?”
And amidst scattered laughter, James too rushed back into the castle, in a seemingly futile attempt to calm the girl who had hated him since the moment she had laid eyes on him. Why? Because, for the same duration of time, he had loved her with all his heart.
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Acturus Sileva
Dark Lord

Joined: 18 Sep 2007
Posts: 125

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter Two

**Three months later**

Lily jumped suddenly, as James entered the Prefect’s Common Room, snapped out of her thoughts. Ever since Sev had called her that, that, horrid name, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about James. She hated it, she knew what a menace he could be, but the things he had said to her, the tenderness he had shown when he had come after her that day had broken down the stony walls around her heart, letting that handsome face in.
“Hey Lily, how’s your day been? The first years are giving me hell, always begging me to show them tricks or cast spells on their enemies,” James said with a small laugh, as he moved across the room, pulling off his shoes, grabbing a chair, and leaning back, feet on a small table, sighing with content.
“Not bad James. Unlike you, I don’t have a reputation to uphold,” Lily said with a wry smile, glancing over at James before quickly glancing away, afraid he may see the rosy tinge that had risen to her cheeks.
She hated it. How could she have fallen for him? She knew that ever since he had sat down opposite that first day on the train he had liked her, but she had always hated his guts, he was a bully and a creep. His friends as well, bullied the younger kids, and that had always made it easy to know where she stood with him. But ever since she had got him alone, found out he mainly put on a show to his friends, and ever since Sev and she had gone their separate ways... well, she was seeing a new side to him. One she rather quite liked.
“Malfoy’s still giving me hell,” James said, after a few moments of almost uncomfortable silence.
“What’s he done this time,” Lily said, “Locked a second year in the girls’ toilets with Moaning Myrtle? Convinced a first year that every time the Whomping Willow touches them, ten Gallons fall out of its branches?”
James chuckled, “Classics, too bad I hadn’t thought of them first, though only so I could prevent them from happening,” he hastened to add at the expression on Lily’s face. “No, he and his Death Eater friends have been trying to pass out propaganda, telling everyone how much mudbloods have ruined our world, and how they need to be removed from Hogwarts. No offence,” he added when he saw the pained expression on Lily’s face.
“None taken. That’s horrid. Is... is,” she tried to summon the courage to say.
“Yes,” James said softly, trying to relieve her from her awkwardness. He stood up, moving over to her, and placed a hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry.” He said.
Lily nodded, afraid that if she spoke, the lump in her throat would overwhelm her, and the tears would come. For almost two years she had loved Sev. Not just liked him, or lusted after him. Real love. And when he had said those five words three months ago, her heart had ripped in two. She would never love again. Well, she hadn’t been able to, but now James.... she wasn’t sure.
“Its ok,” she whispered, and turned away, giving James the silent hint, and he nodded to himself, moving off into the adjoining room to shower after the long day.
The trickling water in the background provided a luscious noise in the background for Lily, as she sank back into her comfy armchair, taking deep breaths, trying to maintain her calm, but as the sound of the water rose as James turned up the pressure, Lily sank into sobs, her shoulders shaking, with the occasional sob escaping her lips, the tears trickling down her face. She had always held out hope, that Sev hadn’t meant it, that Sev would see the error of his ways. Now there was not a shadow of a doubt. He was one of them now.

* * *

The shower was soothing as the warm water ran over James’ body. He paused, reflecting on the girl in the adjoining room, and how his feelings for her had taken a sudden leap in the last few months. Originally, he now suspected, he had seen her as the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts, and had lusted after her. Now, however, he saw her for what she truly was: the only girl he would ever want, ever need, and ever have eyes for. She was intelligent, sensitive, emotional, humorous sometimes, if he caught her in a good mood, and still as radiant as ever. Her smile light him from his centre of being, and carried him through the day on an emotional high.
He stepped out of the shower, and it slowly trickled to a stop on its own. Scrubbing his hair with a towel, he slipped back into his clothes, cautiously glancing out at the room to see if it was ok for him to return. Lily was still sitting in her chair, her eyes puffy and red, obviously from having cried her gorgeous heart out whilst she had the chance. She was sitting in silence, staring out into space, as if all else had ceased to exist, and her thoughts surrounded her being.
James walked softly over to her seat, and sat down opposite her, trying to catch her eye. She glanced up at him, smiling briefly, before glancing away again, sighing heavily.
“I know I can never understand what you’re going through,” James said softly, treading carefully, knowing this was as good a chance as he was going to get to persuade her that he wasn’t a terrible person. “But I want you to understand that I will always be there for you to talk to, whenever you just need to confide in someone. You have my word I would never tell Pad- Sirius,” James corrected himself, “Remus, or Peter. What you said to me would be said in confidence. That is,” he said awkwardly, “If you wanted to talk to me. I mean, you don’t have to, you don’t really have to if you don’t want to, I mean-”
Lily smiled, James was rambling. A rare moment of embarrassment, “Its ok, I understand. Thank you. Really. I’m just not sure if we know each other well enough yet, and, I mean, yeah. I hope you understand. It was really sweet of you though, maybe if, over the next few months, we got to know each other a bit better then, but for now-”
James nodded, downcast, “I understand. Yeah, I mean, it was stupid of me to think that – well, given how we’ve always been with each other, we hardly know each other.”
Trying to relieve the moment of its awkwardness, he stood quickly, “Well, I’d better be back, its getting late, and Filch will be starting his patrols soon.”
“Yeah, me too,” Lily said, rising shakily from her seat.
“Here, let me walk you back,” James said, holding out his hand, and, hardly believing his luck, watched as Lily raised her own hand, clasping his solidly, as if seeking some sort of reassurance that it would all turn out right in the end.
Closing the door to the room behind them, they walked slowly down the corridor, both secretly wishing that the moment would never end. This unexpected turning point, this reconciliation between former enemies, this shining point in both of their lives, a moment that marked a turning point in both of their pasts, presents and futures, and the rest of Hogwarts slept on, oblivious.
Reaching the Gryffindor Room, James stopped at the foot of the girls’ staircase, and turned to Lily, still holding onto her hand.
“Well... good night Lily,” he said, staring into her eyes, sinking into them, surrounded by them, feeling the warmth within them light up his soul. Those beautiful, green eyes, were all he could see, they were his world.
“Good night James,” Lily said, smiling. This boy, this wild, reckless, handsome boy, with unruly hair, that looked as if its very touch would send her into shivers of delight, had become the centre of her world at Hogwarts. Her rock, the person she could depend on to talk to. This breakthrough tonight, this one moment of unbelievable happiness shared between the two – perhaps only brought about by the intense low she had experienced an hour before – had changed her life forever. For better? For worse? Only time would tell.
Lily turned, and walked slowly up the stairs, feeling James’ eyes on her, smiling to herself, before she turned the corner, and entered her room.
James stayed rooted to the spot, watching her go, breathing in the faint perfume he could still smell in the air that she had left behind. Finally, after an eternity, he turned, and headed up his own stairs.
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Acturus Sileva
Dark Lord

Joined: 18 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Erm, people are allowed to comment. Razz

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